About Us

RUNTAI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has become one of the best companies engaged in Glass manufacturing in China and Distributing all over the world. Since the establishment of our company, we have been striving for improvement and expansion for our products, which is the source of our success in business. Struggling in the marketplace for 11 Years, RUNTAI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has become a top company with Advanced Technology, Seasoned Business Professionals, Scientific Management Methods, Excelled Design Concepts, First Class Inspection Facilities and excellent service. Runtai's high quality and renowned brand image has formed a solid partnership base with numerous clients both domestically and abroad.

Our Values
We believe in continuing to maintain a progressive, innovative Association in which professionalism, honesty and integrity are encouraged and pride in what the association does and how it does it is paramount.

Our Vision
Building factory producing variety of thicknesses, colours, and sizes to satisfy the different needs of its valued customers. To remain the ideal choice to rely upon to take our customer’s business forward to the future with our exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge.

Our Mission
To continuously strive for excellence in all our operation and distinguish ourselves from competitors through quality products, dedicated services, quick response to the client’s needs, methodology employed and flexibility in working with the clients.

Our Objectives
Provide industry leadership and guidance, education and knowledge.
Promote the use of value-added glass and glazing products.
Provide a forum for exchanging information and ideas through its Divisions and membership.
Provide a unified voice on matters affecting the glass and glazing industry.

The Company is in the line of Distributing
Clear Float Glass & Colored (Tinted) Float Glass, Ultra Clear Float Glass, Reflective Float Glass, Pattern Glass, Offline Reflective Float Glass, Post Temperable Off-Line LOW-E Coated Glass, On-Line LOW-E Coated Glass

Processed Glass Manufacturing
Silver Coated & Aluminium Coated Float Mirrors, Pattern Mirrors
Laminated Glass, Tempered Glass, Glass Table Tops, and Processed Glass Tops for Furnitures
Back Painted Glass, Silk Printed Glass, Acid Etched Glass, Screen Printed Glass

Presently its production line produces glass in many colors such as green, gray, blue, dark brown and golden. It can also produce a series of products coated with other colors per client specification and as demanded by the market.

With a business vision of gaining advantages, promoting character, seeking excellence and always taking a leading position, Our Company is successfully carrying out its strategy of creating a world famous brand. We are open to all investment options, international management, optimization of distribution network and continuation of our innovative R&D.

RUNTAI is happy to cooperate with all clients and create a colorful life together.



Transparency and clarity are the distinctive characteristics


The way of enhancing the safety and ability of the glass.


Decorative options to provide Style and Privacy


Provide visual obscuration while admitting light.