CLEAR GLASS BLOCK is featured as sound control, heat insulation, and resistance to wear and tear, also the fire can be protected. Can transmit the light but can not be looked through from outside. This product has been adopted widely at home and abroad as high grade construction material.

Advantages of glass blocks
1. Wide range of design options (pattern, size and colors)
Straight, curved and discontinuous curved wall are available through selection of glass block sizes. Patterns permit light control and use of transparent of non-transparent glass block. A colorful atmosphere can be created by choosing colored blocks.

2. Energy saving
The inside of the glass block is a near vacuum with a pressure of 0.3atm. This provides the glass block with a higher heat insulating value than double glazed glass, qualifying the glass block as an energy saving building material.

3. Amenity
The glass block creates an agreeable living environment by transmitting refracting of reflecting light. The transparent glass block permits a view of the surrounding landscape, there by giving more open feeling. Moreover, the glass block creates quieter space by reducing noise

4. Safety
Properly installed glass block wall is normally reliable. It is wind and earth quake resistant. And also offer protection against crime

5. Maintenance free
The easy to clear and condensation free glass block facilitates the building maintenance. If cracked, a glass block is readily replaceable.



Transparency and clarity are the distinctive characteristics


The way of enhancing the safety and ability of the glass.


Decorative options to provide Style and Privacy


Provide visual obscuration while admitting light.